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  • EVH /5150 III 50 W 6L6 / head/white /

    Let me introduce EVH 5150 III, my friend, a tube head that was designed as a result of a collaboration between Fender and Eddie Van Halen himself.
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  • It is true that looks do not always matter when it comes to musical gear. However, everybody’s heart skips a beat when their favorite amplifier not only sounds good but is also fancy as hell. EVH 5150 III is exactly that case. Everything about it screams Eddie, especially grilled chassis with his signature logo and heavy-duty appearance. What is more important is that this little head packs 50 watts of power and can drive two speakers simultaneously. It operates with two 6L6C output and 12AX7 preamp valves, which are the main contributors to the sound it produces. EVH 5150 III is configured in a three-channel way: we have Clean, Medium Gain and High Gain channels. Even though it does not have any on-board effects, it offers a wide range of tube overdrive which is perfectly enough in this case. If you want to use more audio effects, you could always connect your pedals with an effects loop. EVH 5150 III is compatible with a footswitch, allowing you to choose between channels without having to lean down or interrupt the performance. This tube head has a single input for your instrument, a headphone jack that mutes the output, MIDI In the input for controlling the channel selection or effects loop bypass, an input for the included footswitch, Send and Return jacks for the effects loop, Preamp Out output for connecting other amplifiers or mixers, as well as dual speaker outputs for connecting speaker cabinets.